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At C-Stream Consult Ltd.  we know exactly where the "C" stand for because we at C-Stream Consult Ltd.  are very well aware of the fact that the successful close out of a Construction Project mainly depends on....

On the job Training on Contract and Commercial Awareness

"In today's challenging project environment, companies
need to stay focused on their most valuable ..."

Project Risk Assessment

"The greatest risk facing those engaged in construction projects is the failure to achieve Timely completion at a Cost that is within the project budget ..."

Dispute Management, Aviodance & Resolution

"Despite party's best intentions at the beginning of a project it is in many cases not avoidable that during the execution of that Contract differences of ..."

Claim Avoidance, Preparation & Defence

"Most forms of contract require a contractor to give timely notice of its intention to Claim additional payment or Time for events for which the employer is ..."
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